Orchestrator Overview

Ftkuhnsman is a private orchestrator pool with physical transcoders located in the US and Europe. We utilize geo-location routing to ensure that streams always reach the transcoder closest to the broadcaster to achieve minimum latency and maxmium reliability. As a result, Ftkuhnsman consistently ranks in the top orchestrators by performance network-wide.

Ftkuhnsman Value Proposition

There are two ways that Livepeer delegators can earn value by staking with an Orchestrator: (1) a share of the daily LPT rewards (i.e., the fee cut), and (2) a share of Ethereum fees earned by orchestor through transcoding (i.e., the reward cut). Ftkuhnsman calls reward every day and currently shares 100% of LPT with our delegators. Further, we also keep our fee cut at or close to 50%. That means that we are sharing half of all Ethereum earned by the Ftkuhnsman orchestrator with our delegators.

We are extremely focused on ensuring that the Ftkuhnsman Orchestrator remains a top performer and will continue to take all necessary steps to maintain that goal (e.g., we implemented geo-location DNS services to drastically reduce latency, and we continously update our transcoding hardware to ensure the orchestrator can handle periods of high traffic / full network saturation).

Current Reward Structure

LPT Reward Cut - 5%

ETH Fee Cut - 50%

Ftkuhnsman Orchestrator Address: